EDRCoin Price performance

These are E-Dinar Coin prices. The figure below indicates percentage losses per month.

EDR value statistics

A summary illustrating statistics of E-Dinar currency including base and quote currency, currency rank and trade volume.


What is EDR coin?

EDR token is a method of payment only used by endors. Coins Protocol. In terms of value, the token will use Endor. Customers can buy coins and make predictions. Eventually, the money is used for the system infrastructure of AWS as well as for data acquisitions through rewards.

How do I get EDR coins?

How to buy EDRCoin? Find the best EDRCoin exchange rates and currencies. Each cryptocurrency has its own purchasing options or market pairs. … Choose an option to purchase. … Purchase your desired product.

Is EDR stock a good buy?

EDR is currently showing strong potential to under perform the market. The stock currently carries an increase rating of B. Price changes and earnings forecast revisions suggest that it is no suitable stock for momentum investors with a momentum rating of D. B.

What time does EDR trade?

Investors can trade in the premarkets from 5:00 to 9:00 and in the afterhour markets at 6:00 and 9:00 pm.

How many shares of EDR are there?

EDR holds 266.63 million shares in circulation. In the last year the share price has fallen -11.29%.

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